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Mansfield Aquatics

Mansfield Aquatics was established in 2008 and offers an exceptional range of products, services and fish for keen marine, tropical and pond enthusiasts.

We are the one-stop shop serving the Midlands and beyond in all aquatic equipment, products and livestock and have a fully stocked shop based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

  • Pond cleaning service
  • Troubleshooting for new aquariums and ponds
  • On-site water testing and skin scraping
  • Holiday cover for when you are away from home
  • Consultancy for garden centres and aquarium shops

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Our newly fitted tropical systems enable us to concentrate on more colourful interesting fish and shrimps. With a dedicated Siamese fighting fish system holding thirty two Bettas we have something for everyone.

Marine fish and corals are what we are best known for. We have a number of systems to cater for reef keeping and fish only aquariums along with coral tables and frag tanks.

We are a main dealer for Hozelock, SuperFish, Blagdon and AquaSource stocking everything from foams to filters. Sarasa comets, koi carp, golden tench are just some of the popular pond fish we have in stock.

You’ll get some great ideas from our live display tanks and the vast range of aquascaping woods, rocks and substrates. We have JBL and Colombo Co2 kits on our display tanks and offer a great range of potted plants direct from Holland.

At Mansfield Aquatics you’ll see a dedicated fancy goldfish systems stocking a colourful range of cold water fish. Ryukin, Ranchu, panda moors and Pearlscales are some of the fish availabile to take home to your aquarium.

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  • 44 (0)1623 428020

  • 191 Southwell Rd W, Mansfield, NG18 4HF

  • sales@mansfieldaquatics.co.uk